Friday, August 26, 2011

Doodle of the Day - For Smartphones...

I'll admit that I was kind of annoyed that I was required to have a smartphone to partake in Pepsi's matrix adventure and be rewarded with the mysterious goodies they would surely be offering for free at the end of the digital rainbow!

Yesterday at lunch, while drinking my Pepsi, I noticed the "Quick Response Code" on the cup, that strange square matrix barcode designed to be scanned by phones. But I still use my trusty ol' flip-phone, so I wondered what good this matrix barcode did me. Nothing I could think of. I suppose Pepsi caters to people with smartphones. Perhaps they have a deal with Apple or Google or Verizon or AT&T.

Maybe I felt left out, I'm not sure why, but I pulled out my flip-phone to take a picture of that matrix barcode, as you can see above. (Yes, flip-phones DO have the capability of taking pictures, albeit mediocre ones at best.)

Then I turned the cup around to look at the other side of it, and that's when I saw what Pepsi provided for ME!...

You can click on the above images for a better view. Those of you who have scanned barcodes like this before, I'm interested in finding out what goes on in those smartphone virtual VIP rooms. Let me know.

Thanks again for viewing the Doodle of the Day and the daily art, drawings, and paintings of Los Angeles artist Lucas Aardvark!

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