Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Doodle of the Day - A Bundle of Joy!

The US Postal Service seems to be advertising a lot more than it did in the past, promoting the new services and rates it now provides. But the advertisements don't say anything about the CUSTOMER SERVICE you will encounter when you visit the post office! I had to go there today. As I stood in line for a while, I noticed the postal employee, Joy, wasn't the most cheerful person, probably because she was the only one working the line. She kinda reminded me of a female version of Newman from Seinfeld, and she amused me because she looked like a real-life cartoon. Drawing her portrait would be simple!

Then, when I reached the counter, I had a few questions about sending my mail and changing my address. I found that there was a very simple answer for everything...


  1. This made my laugh out loud! Love it.

  2. Thank you :) Hopefully, there will be more laughs in the future!