Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Oil Pastel Experiment - In the Moment

This picture is the result of an experiment, applying oil pastels to my latest abstract style. Although I've used oil pastels to paint representational pieces (click here for an example), I've not used pastels in this style. Oil pastels are unique in that they combine principles of oil paint with chalk, and while the final product can be colorful, it is more of a matte surface and not as bright as paint. It was a fresh experience because my latest abstracts have been limited to graphite, charcoal, oil paint, or mixed media, and none have incorporated pastels. It was time to explore new territory.

The approach to creating this was unplanned, meaning, there were no preliminary sketches or pencil lines to begin the piece. Rather, the oil pastels were applied to a blank piece of paper with free emotion. Clearing my mind of preconceived paths or “left brain” representations, I let the application of color and line dictate the flow of the painting’s development. It was a type of “living in the moment” art. Although perhaps a person could refer to some of the work by Wassily Kandinsky from the early 20th century, I made no conscious effort to recreate his style. This painting is more of an abstract self portrait of individual brainwaves and feelings present at the time of creation.

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