Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Abstract Painting - More Progress in the Studio

This photo shows the middle stage of a painting on wood panel I am currently working on in my studio. It is a continuation of my first blog post on this painting.

After completing several layers of glazing over the underpainting, the palette was expanded, and thicker opaque layers of paint were added by blending, scraping, and scratching, while allowing certain areas of the previous layers to show through. It is planned that additional thicker layers will be added, but that can only be done once the latest layers dry to a certain point. The number of additional layers remains uncertain, but they will continue to be added until the painting "declares" that it is complete and nothing more can add to it.

For those who saw the blog post showing the beginning stages, you will notice that the painting is now at a horizontal rather than the vertical it was at before. This happens from time to time during the creative process and is part of the intrigue with abstract painting. The "top" of the painting may not be established until just before the work is completed. And again, the mission is to create a work of art that can stand alone in the end, holding the attention of the viewer by a striking presence and by ambiguities and prompting questions.

You can click on the image for an expanded view. To see all blog posts and other doodles, click HERE. Thank you for following the works in progress, and the paintings, sculpture, drawing, doodles, and other art by Los Angeles artist Lucas Aardvark.

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