Friday, September 2, 2011

Doodle of the Day - The Rat Race

Does anyone else find it weird that we go to places like the gym to burn calories? I'm not saying I'm better than it - I do go to the gym and try to stay in shape. But there we are, running in place or lifting dumb objects, burning energy. Energy! Shouldn't that energy be harnessed for something productive? Couldn't those calories be combined for the creation of something more meaningful in the community? Instead, we emit exhaust into the air to get the closest parking spot to the entrance so we can get on a machine and work our tails off simply to break a sweat because, alas, maybe we all ate a cheese platter for lunch that afternoon.

There was a day when we lived in nature and sculpted our bodies by building stuff and eating to live. It is a bit strange the way society has developed. On the one hand, people in the world work and fight for food to have enough energy to survive; on the other hand, people work out to burn energy for free, creating nothin' for no one. All that energy wasted.

But like most people, I go to the gym to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle. It just seems that, in this "energy crisis", our calories shouldn't be lost in the ether. And I certainly hope that society doesn't develop into a situation where we go to the gym simply so we can flex our muscles like "the Situation" from Jersey Shore! That would be weak.

Anyway, you can click on the image for a larger view. Have a great Labor Day weekend, and thank you for following the Doodle of the Day and the paintings, drawings, sculpture, daily progress, and art of Los Angeles artist Lucas Aardvark.

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