Monday, May 20, 2013

The Chain of History and Contemporary Competitors

We build upon or improve what has been completed in the past in trying to create something cutting edge and new. This painting is a continuation of my exploration of oil on acrylic sheeting. Similar to my hybrid paintings, it is a tension between painting as an illusion of something and the object of paint as a viscous medium. Aided by the sensitivity of the acrylic sheet, the tension builds through layers and texture:

Without consciously thinking about my influences during the process of painting, I see now that this piece calls upon some artists of the past. Waterfall No. 2, 24" x 18", oil on acrylic sheet, 2013.

In reviewing the chain of history to build something new, it also makes sense to review what others are doing today -- the contemporary "competitors", to say it in a democratic way. A contemporary artist who I find to be creating striking work is Romanian-born Adrian Ghenie. Ghenie is a relatively young artist (b.1977) who has exhibited at Pace Gallery in New York and Mihai Nicodim Gallery in Los Angeles. I appreciate not only the way he incorporates abstraction with figurative, but also his reference to historical and current events.

For example, the following is a portait by Ghenie which reminds me of a painting by artist, Francis Bacon, who in turn referenced a painting by Diego Velazquez. The chain of history exemplified...

Adrian Ghenie, 2009:

Francis Bacon, 1953:

Diego Velazquez, 1650:

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