Monday, December 19, 2011

Two New Paintings Of The Past

These two new small paintings reference big paintings of the past by Fuseli (1871) and Rubens (1602), in a continuation of my law painting series:

Left: The Nightmare, 8" x 6", oil, acrylic, and vintage paper on panel, 2011.

Right: The Rubens Deposition, 8" x 6", oil, acrylic, and vintage paper on panel, 2011.

My "law paintings" incorporate the text from California Court rulings. As internet research has displaced traditional book research, the books themselves have become obsolete, even though the rulings remain good law. I have thus torn out the pages from the vintage books and incorporated interesting writings into the paintings by sealing in the pages and painting over top them.

In certain areas I put a layer of glaze over the text to add color, or I scrape away paint to reveal certain words. For example, the words "People v.", "Supreme", "Homicide", and many others can be found strategically placed:

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