Saturday, July 23, 2011

Alaska Inspiration

Discovery, 16" x 36", oil on canvas with rope and driftwood, 2011.

Following my recent adventure in Alaska, I find that the magnificence of the expansive wilderness cannot be adequately explained in this little blog.
Everything there is big: The glaciers are huge and imposing. The sudden appearance of a whale while kayaking in the sea shakes your soul -- the power of its breath forces you to imagine the enormity of its body below the surface. The black bears are abundant and the grizzlies are iconic, and the shoulders of a moose were higher than my head. Bald eagles perch along the rivers everywhere as the salmon are the center of the ecosystem.

Hiking above the treeline in the foggy mountains, and camping on top of mossy lichen where mountain sheep pass, it is clear that years are needed to explore the state and discover the unexpected.

Here are some photographs:

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