Sunday, July 31, 2011

Affirmative Action

It is true that I sometimes anguish at painting, finding myself staring at my "progress" with my thoughts mired in tribulations, knowing that hundreds of greater pictures are sitting in museums not too far away, created by artists some younger than me. It is also true that I question why I spend so much of my time at it. But I tell myself to push forward with the work because that's what we do as people, as survivors -- we continue to till the land so we can eat. Although sometimes I am duped by a mirage, sometimes I am nourished by a flash of what I seek, and for a moment I understand the necessity of art and its connection to something bigger than life.

Affirmative Action, 28" x 36", oil, vintage paper and book cover on wood panel, 2011.

Some details of the painting: