Saturday, April 23, 2011

School of Communications

Art is a form of communication that should not be bound by the limitations of language. For me, painting is a transcendence of the self, a religious practice of communicating with a force beyond the world as we know it in daily life.

The idea of creating art is somewhat strange -- it does not appear to fulfill any physiological need, yet it is something that has been done since ancient times, probably since the beginning of human existence, and it will continue forever. Great art resonates with the human species as certain works survive over the decades and centuries. These works, such as the Sistine Chapel, Guernica, or the Egyptian Sphinxes, connect with masses of people in an inexplicable way, as if they were gifts from a higher power to give us hope for greater things.

The practice of art is a lifelong study, committing inwardly to reach beyond the self, to act as a portal and one day, hopefully, contribute to the creation of something good.

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