Monday, April 22, 2013

A New Painting for EARTH DAY

Today is Earth Day! It is an extraordinary international event where about a billion people will take action in service to our planet. Concerns about air and water pollution, toxic exposure, oil reliance, deforestation, coral reef destruction, and ocean acidification, among others, will be topics of discussion in schools, and will give purpose to the actions of those recognizing this day.

Over the weekend, I went camping near Santa Barbara in the Los Padres National Forest. The abundance of animal life was inspiring -- among several appearances by squirrels, crows, bats, quail, soaring vultures, and the hooting of an owl in the night, I came upon a fox, a 4-5 foot gopher snake, a skink catching a roach, deer, and a flock of wild turkeys. And on a hike beyond a water hole, my friend caught a glimpse of a mountain lion high on a ridge across the canyon. I was looking in the opposite direction at that exact second. Can't believe I missed it.

Some of the turkeys:

The gopher snake:

Next weekend I plan to camp at Joshua Tree National Park. 

Many of my posts in the past have centered around environmental issues. I am glad to have completed this painting just in time to add to that theme. 

Man With Dogs, 44" x 32", oil on acrylic sheeting, 2013.

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