Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Doodle of the Day - a real doodle this time

Ok, if you've seen some of my past posts, you will see that I like to draw cartoons. I don't know why I call them doodles. Maybe it's because they're usually just about a slice of life.

But I also do "real" doodles, and the above picture is an example. It is graphite on paper and took about five to ten minutes.

For a long time, maybe since junior high or elementary school, I've doodled pictures which are largely abstract. It is a process of simply letting the mind go, putting a drawing instrument to a page, moving the hand to create different shapes, shades, lines, and textures, and watching what grows. Sometimes the doodle will be completely abstract, but sometimes it will subconsciously incorporate representational forms.

It helps with compositions.

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