Friday, March 16, 2012

Doodle of the Day - Panda's Express Views on Pollution

I recently ordered lunch at Panda Express, that chain Chinese-food restaurant where customers should never brag about visiting. The employee asked me if I wanted it "for here" or "to go". I said, "For here," and she placed my food in the standard styrofoam container. I discovered that the only difference between "for here" and "to go" meant whether she would place the styrofoam container in a bag. After paying and receiving my styrofoam container of food, I walked to the utensil station where I noticed the napkin dispenser, as depicted above.

It puzzled me that Panda Express urged customers to conserve napkins, saying "save the environment, one napkin at a time", while at the same time providing a bulky, nondegradable styrofoam container to each and every customer on a daily basis, regardless of whether customers eat in or dine out:

It was fairly easy, if not crystal clear, to see through Panda Express's "pro-green" facade. Apparently, using less of the recycled napkins (so that Panda Express may minimize its costs), allows us to be unconcerned about the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, the vortex of floating plastics and other trash in the Pacific Ocean bigger than the size of Texas, and growing:

In any regard, the experience inspired this Doodle of the Day (click on it for larger view):

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